In 1958 at the family farm, Roxena Nigh began making Easter chocolates for friends and family.

Her chocolates quickly became popular, and soon family started helping.  By 1980, they had grown enough to need a new building, and purchased a local building that they transformed into a small factory and store front.  Nigh's remains at this location today, though undergoing a number of expansions over the years.

Carrying on the family tradition, Rebecca Nigh continues to provide the community with carefully perfected delicacies.  

Today, Nigh's Sweet Shop provides the favours for countless local weddings, the gifts for corporate events, the snacks for parties, and the energy for the drive home.  We continue to create exciting new treats and to find new ways to challenge ourselves so that we can always be the best little chocolate shop you've ever indulged in.

Nigh's Sweet Shop